Expectant Mother's Guide

Incorporating the Expectant Father's Guide

The Expectant Mother’s Guide and Expectant Father’s Guide are annual, educational publications that presents parents with all the facts and encourages them to make the decisions that are right for them.

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About the Guides

Expectant Mother's Guide
Expectant Father's Guide

The Expectant Mothers Guide is a factual, educational publication aimed at pregnant moms and dads to help them make informed decisions about their pregnancy, birth and parenting experiences. The articles are written by professionals in their field of expertise, giving the facts, the pros and cons so the moms and dads can make informed decisions because what is right for them – every couple and every pregnancy is different and unique so the facts are given. The Expectant Mothers Guide is divided into 2 main areas – You and your pregnancy – dealing with pregnancy issues moving chronologically on to You and your baby – dealing with baby issues. The Fathers guide is a small section aimed at dads written from a guys perspective so he can understand what is happening in the situation and how best to deal with his pregnant partner. The best way to use the Guide is to sit and read an article together and then chat about your thoughts so you know how the other is feeling and what is important to each of you so you can work to a common goal and have a great pregnancy, birthing and parenting experience. The Expectant Mother’s Guide also maintains its own web presence providing moms with a selection of article from the magazine, a blog by a pregnant mom and up-to-date news from the pregnancy world.

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The Expectant Mother’s Guide:


  • is an A5, annual publication
  • is a factual and educational magazine to help expectant moms and dads make informed decisions about their pregnancy, labour and birthing experience
  • covers topics from conception to two years of age
  • targets LSMs 7 -10
  • is in its 21st edition – 2017 will be the 22nd edition of the magazine.
  • is on shelves in November, ready for the holiday season and the new year.
  • has a print run of 60 000 magazines.
  • is distributed via RNA in:
    • book stores,
    • baby stores,
    • Spars,
    • online as a digital magazine on our website, expectantmothersguide.co.za, which is accessible on all computers, tablets and smartphones.
    • Childbirth Educators and Well Baby Clinic Sisters in private practice, particularly during Pregnancy Education Week and
    • various medical aids with maternity programs.

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